Spring Intersesion

This Spring we will offer Intercession classes for students who need additional help as well as a rewarding enrichment class for students who are looking for a little fun.  Transportation and meals are provided. 
 Intercession will run form 8-1 PM starting Monday, March 9th.  The last day of Intercession will be on Friday, March 13th.  Sign up forms can be found here as well as a copy of the revised transportation schedule.  We look forward to working with your child during this year's Intercession.

We also want to thank your for spending some time here at the Diamondback Elementary School website.  Things have been very busy on campus as we are preparing for the first year taking the AZMerit test.  This is the first year that our 3
rd-5th graders will take the test.  The 1st and 2nd graders will continue to take the Stanford 10 test.  Last year’s results were shared at the first parent teacher conference, but don’t hesitate to contact the office if you wish to receive another copy.  In addition we also encourage parents to request a copy of their child’s 1st quarter and 2nd quarter Galileo benchmark scores.