Dear Parents,

It is my honor to work for the staff, students, and families of Diamondback Elementary School.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

At Diamondback, we create a safe, loving, respectful, and language-rich environment where all students reach their highest potential both academically and socially.

At Diamondback, we value the involvement of all members of our learning community: students, parents, staff, teachers, volunteers, and administration.  Everyone’s efforts are directed toward enhancing the education of our students.

At Diamondback, we celebrate parents because they are truly their child’s first teachers.  We seek to empower our families with the knowledge and understanding of why and how we use our current programs, resources, and assessments to perfect our daily instructional practices.

A Diamondback, we are honored to work with our students and families in achieving their educational goals.

Thank you for visiting the Diamondback Elementary community.


Mr. Martin Muecke
Principal, Diamondback Elementary School